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Flash forward, many years later. Now as an adult, having finally shared my previously unspoken truths, several years into my therapy and healing journey. Having now become a mental health therapist, and a leader both in mental health and faith communities, grounded in the reality of how harmful it can be to throw around mental health terms without proper care

Many people confuse being alone with feeling lonely, but the two are quite different. Being alone is a physical state where one is simply not with others, while loneliness is an emotional state that can feel painful and isolating, regardless of one's social situation. Understanding this distinction is crucial as we navigate our paths toward deeper connection and well-being.

In our previous article, we delved into the intricate world of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), exploring how it affects individuals living in various climates, including the perpetual summer of tropical regions such as Florida. Today, we're continuing our journey to understand SAD, but this time, we're examining SAD through the lens of holistic mental health. How could your experience of

The so-called "Sunday Scaries" are more than a catchy phrase; they’re an emotional signal that many of us encounter but often ignore. For those of us who identify as Cycle Breakers--individuals working hard to overcome generational patterns or be the first in your family to accomplish something--these feelings may even be more intense and multi-layered. It's crucial to decode what