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Here at Healing Insight, we pride ourselves in providing compassionate, effective therapy with an ongoing commitment to trauma-informed care and pursuit of intersectional-antiracism in our practices. Get to know our therapists from the list below.


I help Wounded Healers, Helping professionals, and heart-centered entrepreneurs unlock the power of their unique story through Holistic trauma therapy, inner child work, and wellness offerings.

Populations: Adults 25 +

Areas of Focus: Therapy for Health Professionals & Teachers, Therapy for Adults Healing Childhood Trauma, Racial & Religious Trauma, EMDR therapy

Treatment approaches: EMDR, AEDP, Internal Family Systems (Inner Child work), Somatic, Mindfulness, and Breathwork practices, Chakra- friendly therapy.



Kimberley Small, LCSW, CCTP

Founder, CEO, Trauma Psychotherapist
As practice Founder and CEO of Healing Insight LLC it is important to me that both clients and clinicians experience the safety and support needed to live, love, and heal. Healing Insight LLC was birthed from a passionate belief that we all deserve to discover and unlock the power of our stories: To learn them, to tell them, to have them witnessed, and to write our next chapters on our own terms. This belief was founded from a depth of knowledge of human development, the psychobiology of stress, traumatic experiences, and what it takes to heal when the worst has happened. As a clinician trained to provide psychotherapy and other wellness services, I utilize a combination of brain-based, body-based, and insight-oriented interventions to help unlock your unique story and promote healing in just the way you need it. This is my philosophy with the clients I work with, but also in my work supporting our clinical team in providing highly effective care.
phone: 561-332-1812
lives in:
education: B.A Columbia University / MSW Florida Atlantic University