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Training & Consultation

Learn more about our offerings for Supervision, Continuing education, Wellness and consultation for Mental Health Professionals and Organizations.

Which Support options are right for you?

At Healing Insight, we are committed to providing trauma-informed and holistic support to mental health professionals. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of helping professionals at various stages of their careers, ensuring they receive the guidance, education, and support necessary to thrive in their roles.

Qualified Supervision for Social Workers in Florida

Our supervision services are tailored for graduates of a master’s clinical social work program who are seeking to gain hours toward their registered internship. We provide expert guidance and support to help you develop your clinical skills and meet licensure requirements.

Social Work Internship Program

Our internship program is designed for foundation or concentration year social workers looking to complete their required internship hours. We offer a supportive environment where interns can gain practical experience, receive mentorship, and develop their professional competencies in a private practice setting.

Virtual Mental Health Consultation Group

Join our virtual consultation group, where master’s or doctoral level mental health professionals providing psychotherapy can connect, share insights, and receive peer support. We also offer quarterly interprofessional consultation sessions, fostering collaboration across various disciplines.

Continuing Education Workshops/Trainings

Stay current and meet your continuing education requirements with our workshops and training sessions. Designed for master’s or doctoral level mental health professionals, our offerings cover a range of topics essential for your professional development and practice.

Wellness Support for Helping Professionals

It’s essential for helping professionals to prioritize their own wellness. Our offerings focus on burnout recovery, community care, and affinity groups, providing a space for you to recharge, connect with peers, and build resilience.

Helping Professionals with Barriers to Care

Through our non-profit organization, A Village That Heals, we support helping professionals who face barriers to care. We provide access, community, and developmental support to ensure you can continue to provide the best care to your clients while also taking care of yourself.

Mental Health Consultation for Organizations

Are you an organization looking to launch or expand a mental health initiative? We offer comprehensive mental health consultation services, including program development, project management, and support for schools, companies, and nonprofits. Let us help you create effective mental health programs that make a difference.

Ready to get Started?

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