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Anxiety Therapy in Florida: Empowering Your Journey to Inner Peace

Do you find yourself constantly juggling the demands of work and personal life while struggling to priorities your own well-being? As a resilient and motivated person, you carry the weight of multiple roles and responsibilities. However, anxiety has started to take its toll, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained. It’s time to release the grip of anxiety and discover the freedom to live life on your own terms.

Anxiety is more than just occasional worry or stress. It is a persistent and excessive fear or apprehension that can significantly impact your daily life. It often manifests through a range of emotional, cognitive, and physical symptoms, including:

  • Intense worry or fear about everyday situations or future events
  • Restlessness, irritability, or feeling on edge
  • Difficulty concentrating or experiencing racing thoughts
  • Muscle tension, headaches, or stomachaches
  • Sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or restless sleep

Anxiety can affect your personal life, work, relationships and the way we see our selves

Anxiety can present itself in unexpected ways, affecting various aspects of your life, including work, home, and relationships. It’s important to recognize that anxiety is not solely limited to traditional symptoms. Here are some unexpected ways anxiety can manifest:

Anxiety at home and in your personal life

  • Strained relationships due to anxiety-driven behaviors, such as excessive worry or need for control
  • Difficulty maintaining work-life balance, leading to increased stress at home
  • Feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities, resulting in decreased enjoyment of activities
  • Avoidance of social situations or isolating oneself due to fear or discomfort
Anxiety at Work
  • Perfectionism and fear of failure, leading to excessive self-criticism
  • Difficulty making decisions and second-guessing oneself
  • Procrastination or avoidance of tasks due to fear of judgment or rejection
  • Imposter syndrome, feeling like a fraud despite accomplishments
  • Burnout and chronic stress, affecting productivity and job satisfaction

Anxiety and Marginalized Identities

It’s important to recognize that anxiety can manifest differently for individuals from marginalized groups, who may face unique stressors and challenges. Intersectional identities, such as race, gender, sexuality, or disability, can contribute to anxiety experiences, including:

  • Microaggressions and systemic discrimination leading to heightened stress and anxiety
  • Anxiety related to identity, such as racial or cultural identity, and its impact on self-worth
  • Additional pressure and expectations as a result of stereotypes or prejudice
  • Fears of exclusion, lack of representation, and challenges finding culturally competent support

Anxiety can be relentless, invading your thoughts, hijacking your emotions, and sabotaging your inner peace. It’s not just about worrying excessively; it’s about the impact anxiety has on your relationships, your career, and your overall sense of self. But you don’t have to face it alone. Our team of compassionate therapists at Healing Insight LLC is here to guide you on a journey of healing and transformation.

How Therapy can Help: An integrative Approach to anxiety Treatment

At Healing Insight LLC, we understand the multifaceted nature of anxiety and its impact on different areas of life. We believe that you have the strength within you to overcome anxiety and reclaim your life. Our therapy is rooted in cultural sensitivity, recognizing the impact of intersecting identities on healing. As your dedicated guides on this journey, we offer a safe and supportive space for you to explore your anxiety, understand its roots, and develop effective strategies to manage and overcome it.  With this in mind, we draw upon a range of therapeutic approaches to help you achieve your goals. Our exact approach is tailored to your needs and preferences as well as on the areas of therapist expertise. Below are common approaches we may utilize to support you:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to Anxiety Treatment

  • Challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs that contribute to anxiety.
  • Develop practical coping skills and relaxation techniques to manage stress.
  • Replace unhelpful behaviors with healthier alternatives.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) approach to anxiety

  • Develop skills to manage intense emotions and navigate challenging situations.
  • Enhance interpersonal effectiveness and build fulfilling relationships.
  • Foster a sense of self-worth and strengthen your emotional resilience.

Mindfulness- Based Therapy approach to anxiety

  • Cultivate present-moment awareness to reduce anxiety and increase self-compassion.
  • Learn mindfulness-based techniques to manage overwhelming thoughts and emotions.
  • Enhance your ability to respond to stressors with clarity and resilience.

Somatic Therapy approach to anxiety

  • Explore the mind-body connection to release stored tension and trauma.
  • Cultivate self-awareness of bodily sensations and use them as a resource for healing.
  • Learn techniques to regulate your nervous system and restore balance.

Internal Family Systems Therapy approach to Anxiety Treatment

  • Discover and nurture the different parts of yourself, each with its own voice and needs.
  • Foster self-compassion and self-acceptance through understanding your internal dynamics.
  • Integrate and harmonize these parts to create a sense of wholeness and inner peace.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) approach to Anxiety Treatment

  • Address past traumas that contribute to anxiety and emotional distress.
  • Process and reframe traumatic memories to reduce their impact on your present-day life.
  • Promote healing and empower you to build a more positive future.

Holistic Mental Health approach to Anxiety Treatment

  • Assess functioning in the context of chakra imbalances
  • Cultivate awareness of energetic and spiritual body and use them as a resource for healing
  • Facilitate and otherwise provide recommendations for breath work, yoga, energetic (e.g., reiki, EFT tapping, etc.,) and meditation practices to restore balance in mind, body, and soul.
Frequently Asked Questions about Anxiety Therapy

You may be considering therapy for anxiety but still have a few questions. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions about Anxiety therapy with Healing Insight.


A: Therapy for anxiety can vary in duration depending on several factors, including the individual’s needs and the severity of their anxiety symptoms. While there is no fixed timeline, most clients reports feeling benefits of therapy as early as the first 2-3 sessions. Evidence suggests that 12 sessions of therapy can be sufficient to provide meaningful decrease anxiety symptoms and an increase in use of coping skills. Treatment for anxiety that is rooted in experiences of trauma can take longer to address due to the complex way in which trauma can impact functioning and one’s sense of self. When the goal is to address root causes, treatment for anxiety can be considered a longer-term commitment (6 to 12 months or beyond). Often longer term approaches can lead to comprehensive and transformations that may last a life time.


A: Absolutely. Our therapists have extensive experience in anxiety treatment and are skilled in tailoring therapeutic approaches to address your unique needs. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore you


A: Yes, our therapists are committed to cultural humility and sensitivity and recognize the importance of understanding the impact of intersecting identities on your healing journey. We create a supportive and inclusive space where you can


These are the self-pay rates for sessions.

  • Intake Assessment (60 minutes) –  New clients start here $150
  • Individual session (50 minutes) $150
  • EMDR session (50-60 minutes) $200

Self-pay clients have the right to a “Good Faith Estimate” of costs for out of pocket services. We also have a limited number of sliding scale (reduced fee based on income) options available upon request. If you plan to use insurance for sessions, the actual price you pay (often called the client responsibility) ranges from $0 to the full self-pay fee for each sessions. It all depends on your specific coverage.


A: Healing Insight LLC  is currently an In-Network Provider for the following insurance companies: 

  • United Healthcare
  • Oscar
  • AvMed
  • United Medical Resources (UMR)
  • Oxford
  • Cigna HMO & PPO
  • Aetna
  • Out of network benefits*
**If you have another insurance company and would like to receive services with us at Healing Insight Therapy and Wellness, we are able to provide the necessary paperwork to your insurance company so that they may reimburse you using your Out of network (OON) benefits. This means you would pay the full self-pay rate for the service and your insurance company would reimburse their rate for the service to you.  ** Please note, different providers accept different insurance types. During your free consultation, we can match you with your best fit therapist based on preferences and insurance type.

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Here at Healing Insight therapy and Wellness Collective we specialize in virtual anxiety therapy tailored to your unique needs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stuck in a cycle of worry, we’re here to guide you on a transformative journey toward inner peace and well-being. Our compassionate and culturally sensitive approach combines evidence-based therapeutic techniques, including CBT, mindfulness, EMDR, somatic approaches, Internal Family Systems, and DBT, to empower you to navigate anxiety and reclaim your life.