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Michele Rios, LCSW

Hey Moms, is this you?

You are doing the best you can but internally, you are struggling with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. You might be experiencing doubts about your abilities, feeling isolated, or having difficulty managing the changes and expectations of motherhood.

Michele Rios, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Teens & Adults
Hi there! I'm Michele Rios, a Latiné female therapist, and I specialize in supporting perinatal mental health, which focuses on the emotional well-being of individuals during pregnancy and the postpartum period. I understand the unique challenges that arise during this time and offer support tailored to your needs. As a mom to an infant, I understand firsthand the ups and downs of this journey. My experience as a yoga instructor also informs my approach, incorporating mindfulness and body-centered techniques to support your well-being. Additionally, having navigated my own trauma history, I bring a deep empathy and understanding to our therapeutic work. My goal is to help you feel better mentally and emotionally during this transformative phase of your life. How do I help? Using a combination of CBT and ACT techniques, I can support you in navigating these challenges and finding relief. Here's how it might look: CBT - We'll work together to identify and challenge negative thoughts and beliefs that contribute to your anxiety.I'll help you develop practical coping strategies and relaxation techniques to manage stress and overwhelm. We'll explore patterns of behavior and find ways to adjust and create healthier habits. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): We'll focus on accepting difficult emotions and experiences, rather than avoiding or suppressing them. I'll guide you in clarifying your values and setting meaningful goals to align with what matters most to you as a new mom. We'll work on developing mindfulness skills to be present and engaged in your everyday life, despite the challenges. By combining these evidence-based techniques, we can cultivate self-compassion, and empower you to embrace the joys and navigate the difficulties of motherhood. In addition to working with perinatal moms, I also enjoy and am skilled as supporting teens and adults navigate anxiety, anger management, and life stress. I also work with children through play therapy and other techniques to help them process challenges, learn to manage emotions and communicate effectively. I look forward to joining you on your journey toward improved mental well-being
education: Education and Training: Master of Social Work (MSW) from Florida Atlantic University Certificate in Women's Studies Training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), trauma-informed care, play therapy